Camp Horizons

Endless Horizons is the parent company to a family of businesses that are diverse in their missions, but share a common commitment to offer outstanding services, programming and experiences to help individuals and organizations grow to their full potential.

Our varied companies specialize in exciting outdoor recreational opportunities for all ages; food service, catering and venues for special events, meetings and conferences; facilities management services; personal and organization development programs that focus on leadership, team building and communication; educational and job training programs for today’s youth; and environmentally responsible solutions to ensure clean, safe and pest-free homes and workplaces.

The Endless Horizons family of businesses includes:

  • Camp Horizons, an exciting summer camp for children ages 6-17 that also offers specialized outdoor recreation programs for schools, church groups and businesses throughout the rest of the year;
  • Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center in West Virginia offering one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures;
  • Horizons Hospitality, providing food service, event planning and venues for special events and meetings;
  • Horizons Consulting, providing dynamic learning  experiences to address the unique and evolving needs of our clients;
  • Horizons Youth Services, offering innovative programs to help young people reach their full potential, and contracting with the federal Department of Labor to operate Job Corps centers;
  • Shenandoah Valley Builders, providing antique lumber, brick and stone; and
  • Pure Environmental Solutions, offering environmentally responsible solutions to odor, germ and pest problems.